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Because you know that movie you just saw could have been better. The truth is, most movies and TV shows could be better. This substack will help you understand how and why. This isn’t about what I personally like or dislike but what I feel makes a stronger story. I am a nerd so I will write about science fiction/fantasy a lot, but I do write about non-genre stuff, too. Besides, “science fiction” and “fantasy” are both more settings than “genres.” Good stories are good stories whether they involve aliens and far-off planets, or every-day people at the local diner in a small suburban town in New Jersey.

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Trying to save entertainment one story at a time! By Pete Nicholls!


I write fiction, about writing/movies/TV/nerdy stuff. A humble writer/cartoonist making his way thru the galaxy. Found myself on Earth. Looking for a way off. Got a ship? DM me. Like what I write? Get a paid sub: peteink.substack.com/subscribe